I really enjoyed Odessa. It’s one of those cities that is built around nature. There are some beautiful parks, and old growth trees are littered through the city. Of course the sea is fantastic too. I spent so much time in the sun I was the color of a tomato!

I’m definitely going to go back to Odessa, and I would really recommend you check it out if you haven’t been there yet. It’s definitely not the easiest city to get to in the world, but I think it’s really worth it.

Let’s take a look at what’s there.

This is the main street in Odessa. Never any cars, always a bustling crowd.

Main St

To me, this looks like the coolest place to eat ever!

Cool Restaurant


Odessa has this really terrific path running along a cliff, just before the sea.

Long Park


Lots of the parks in Odessa have awesome fountains like this one.

Cool Fountain


A close up of that buildings cool statue park, for lack of a better word.


Of course, shipping is very important here.



Watching these yellow cranes work was really a blast.

Big Ship


Yes Odessa, I do love you <3

Odessa Love


Everyone was hot and tired in the 90 degree weather.

Hot Day