Selfie in PraguePrague is the most stunning city that I’ve ever been to in my life! It’s the closest I’ve ever felt to being in a perfect world. That humble observation aside, I don’t think I’ll go back there anytime soon. The problem with Prague is that there are too many damned foreigners. I prefer cities where the number of tourists is something lower than 100%.

That being said, you should still go to Prague. It’s like being in the world of Harry Potter. If everyone got around on tourist buses and took selfies with cameras attached to sticks. To help you enjoy your stay, I’ve compiled three must visit locations.

1. The Beer Garden on the Hill

Forget about saving the best for last, if you only have one day in Prague this amazing beer garden is the first and last place you have to check out. There are loads of benches so finding a seat shouldn’t be a problem. Once you’ve claimed a spot you can casually turn your head and look out over all of Prague. I used to get drunk in my basement with my best friend. Drinking Czech beer at a spot that looks out over the most beautiful city I’ve been to sure beats the hell out of that old life.

2. The Tower on the Hill

View from Prague TowerCompared to Kiev, Prague isn’t a hilly place to live. However, there is one big hill at the edge of the city. The climb to the top is demanding but worth it. Not only is the world’s coolest beer garden up here, there’s also a tall observation tower. Climb this beastly structure to the top and you’ll be able to take the best selfie that Prague has to offer. Also, if you have a sister who is scared of heights, you’ll get to hear all sorts of interesting panic sounds that you didn’t know the human body is capable of making.

3. Ernest Hemingway’s Bar

Unfortunately we were turned away from Ernest’s favorite watering hole. You can avoid this costly mistake by making a reservation in advance. I have no idea how much it costs to drink here but it’s worth it. The interior is classical without being boring. The atmosphere is great and it’s located minutes from the “center” of Prague. If you’re reading this and you’ve already been there, what’s it like?

Plan Your Trip

Are you ready to spend some time in Prague? I hope so. Sure the seething masses of tourists get old, but the architecture and beauty continues to inspire. If you’re looking for a good hostel to stay at, let me suggest Mosaic House. It’s a large hostel with its own beer garden, restaurant and bar. Ten minutes from downtown, ten minutes from the tourist zoo. I wish you the best in finding somewhere a bit less crowded.