Recently I came across a quote…

“Death, at some point, is a given—“You have to accept it,” he said—and he reasoned that the gravest risk a person could take was to waste time on earth, to reach the end without having maximally lived.”

I would say that this is a fair approximation of my approach to living. Although I have many flaws, one of my strengths is my realization of how little time we have to make our aspirations a reality. Should I live to the age of rocking chairs and woolen blankets on a warm summer eve, I don’t want to look back with regret.

I’ve traveled extensively, I keep track of the cities I’ve visited with this map. I’ve written a book called Three Years Abroad. I decided to write that book after getting into a motorcycle accident in Bali and more clearly realizing the unpredictable duration of aliveness.

I enjoy reading, I aspire to read fifty books a year although I think the number might be closer to forty. I also take great pleasure from yoga and surfing large waves.

Moments of non-sobriety in Russia

A birthday cigar in the Philippines

Meeting new people in Vietnam

Hot as fuck in Dubai

A View to the Taj

Doing Work at the Thailand Office

Surfing big waves in Bali