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What it’s Like to Embrace a Second Culture

I haven’t stepped foot in an English speaking country (except for Germany) in the last 397 days. Of that, 370 of those days have been in either Russia or Ukraine. This has given me a chance to fully embrace a second culture. I’ve subtly become accustomed to the post-Soviet lifestyle. Ostentatious displays of wealth, appearing […]

The Problem with Prague

Prague is the most stunning city that I’ve ever been to in my life! It’s the closest I’ve ever felt to being in a perfect world. That humble observation aside, I don’t think I’ll go back there anytime soon. The problem with Prague is that there are too many damned foreigners. I prefer cities where the number of […]

How to Meet People When Travelling

Travelling alone is awesome and there are lots of cool benefits. However, the major drawback is that you usually don’t know anyone when you go to a brand new city. It can be especially difficult if you’re travelling in Europe, so many languages! That’s why I used to worry about meeting new people to hang […]

3 Reasons You Should Quit Your Job and Travel

If you get a job straight out of college I think you’re making a mistake. As soon as you start your first work, you’re heading down a path that ends in a lifetime of stagnation. Before you have time to think you’ve got responsibilities, people who depend on you, things happening, and you can’t leave […]

Screw the Resume, Satisfy Your Clients

For an entrepreneur, having a satisfied client is the most important resume. You can’t fake it and you can’t pay for it. It takes a while to build up a list of satisfied clients. However, once you have it, it’s like holding onto gold. You’ll be able to use that list of clients to bring in […]

The Best Travel Backpack to Buy

If you’re going to travel it makes way more sense to take a backpack than a suitcase. Backpacks are lighter, more versatile, more attractive, and they’re definitely cooler than lugging around your parent’s old suitcase. Finding the best backpack for travelling can be daunting though. There are so many different brands and sizes on the […]

5 Things I Love About Russian Culture

I lived on the outskirts of Moscow for eight months. To be brutally honest, it was a low point in my life. Most of the blame fell on my job. I hated falling asleep at night because I knew that in the morning I would have to wake up and work. That’s no way to […]

Impressions from Germany

My father’s grandmother and grandfather emigrated to the United States after World War Two. When they left, Germany was not doing well. There were few job opportunities, the country was still being rebuilt, and the future looked bleak. When you walk through Germany today, none of that spirit remains. Germany is a vibrant country with a […]

Homes, Offices & Other – Unique Buildings in Berlin

Today, walking around Berlin hopelessly lost, I snapped some pictures of cool apartments. If you have the cash, I definitely think Berlin would be as cool city to spend some time in. Everything is super clean, the people are nice and there are lots of cool sights to take in. So with that in mind, […]

How to Learn Russian

Hello Russian enthusiasts! Today I finished writing my second guide. As you’re probably aware, my first guide is called Try the Borsch and it’s all about how to find a good teaching job in Russia. That guide was downloaded over 100 times. I think that’s pretty cool! This time the subject is still Russia, but I’ve come at the […]

Pictures from Odessa

I really enjoyed Odessa. It’s one of those cities that is built around nature. There are some beautiful parks, and old growth trees are littered through the city. Of course the sea is fantastic too. I spent so much time in the sun I was the color of a tomato! I’m definitely going to go back […]

Kiev Almost Killed This Man

I’d like to introduce you to Benny. This is exactly how he looked as his flight home was taking of from Kiev’s international airport. You may notice several things, like the filthy shirt and the somewhat haphazard manner in which he’s sleeping. What you can’t see are the lack of a wallet, telephone, and impressive facial […]