The Best Countries to Teach English In

Teaching English is a great way to get out into the world while getting paid at the same time. There are all sorts of interesting places that you can travel to. Maybe you already have a country in mind, or maybe you’re still undecided. Either way, here are some cool countries that you should consider checking out! Read more at the bottom of this post to find out where you can find an English teaching position online.

1. China

Big WallChina is a great country to teach English in because they have a demand for teachers that is through the roof. China’s huge population ensures that there is always a large demand for teachers. Salary and job security aside, one of the main highlights teaching here is the low cost of living. Many English teachers receive benefits such as free housing and free airfare.

Estimated salary range : $1000 – $2500

2. South Korea

South KoreaSouth Koreans brag about having one of the best BBQ the world. Not only that, but they have a rich culture and Seoul is one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world. Unfortunately, if you are set on teaching here, you will have a much better chance to land a job in a city outside of Seoul. Competition is fierce for the teaching positions in this capital city. When you teach English in South Korea you often get paid airfare, free housing and contract completion bonuses. In some cases a TEFL certification is not required.

Estimated range of salary : $1800 – $2100

3. Colombia

ColombiaLots of young and middle aged people are going to Colombia to teach, which makes it number four on this list. The wages aren’t great, but the evergreen Rainforests, stunning beaches South American culture make Colombia a great destination. The country also has a rich history that is still evident in the smaller towns and villages. Columbia has a large community of expats and teachers, which means you’ll always have people to swap stories with.

Estimated salary range : $500 – $1500

4. Saudi Arabia

Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia is on this list because of the huge salary you can bring in as an English teacher. Not only that, you’ll never have to worry about snow and you may even get your own personal driver. The salary is high because Saudi Arabia has a very rigorous screening process. You are going to need at least 4-5 years of experience teaching and a college degree, preferably in English or linguistics. Try applying without it and nobody is going to return your emails.

Estimated salary range : $3200 – $5000

5. Vietnam

Bay in VietnamA country famous for its captivating tropical paradises, Vietnam is a beautiful country to teach in. The salary is high compared to neighboring countries and the cost of living is low. With Thailand and Cambodia being a flight or a train ride away, this is a dream come true for people who love to travel. Southeast Asia has always had a charm that that continually draws in new Westerners.

Estimated salary range : $1000 – $2200

6. Turkey

TurkeyTurkey, where the east and west clash. This place is a wonderful country as it’s between the Middle East and Europe. That gives you a mixed a taste of traditional Middle Eastern culture with some of the nicer amenities of Western culture. Turkey offers an attractive , high, growing job market for English teachers. Istanbul, the only city in the world to have one foot in Asia and another in Europe, is where you’ll be able to find most of the jobs teaching English.

Estimated salary range : $2000 – $2500

7. Spain

SpainSpain is on the list because of the country’s high demand for English teachers. Despite its struggling economy, Spain is still a good choice due to its spectacular architecture, non stop night life, and its fine cuisine. Don’t forget that Ibiza has some of the best clubs in the world if you love to party. To find a good job, head to Madrid during the hiring season from mid-September into October and again in January 3rd right after 3 kings day which is January 6th.

Estimated salary range : $700 – $1500

Finding Work as an English Teacher

Thankfully English teachers are always in demand. You might not get the country you wanted, but you will find a job. The two best resources for finding work are:

Dave’s ESL Cafe International Job Board

TELF Jobs Database

If you’re interested in Russia, be sure to check out my free eBook: Try the Borsch. Inside you’ll find loads of useful information about finding a teaching position in Moscow.

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