About Me

I like motorcycles and surfing. Travel is also cool, I’ve lived a couple of years abroad in twenty  or so countries. Mostly, I like to read and write. I’m not perfect but I try to read a book a week. The writing happens every day. Sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes longer.

Favorite book, Blood Meridian.

Favorite movie, Cool Hand Luke.

Favorite liquor, vodka.

If you like the words I arrange that’s great! My goal is to make it good. I plan to release a book of short stories soon. My writing now is based closely on the truth. Perhaps in the future I will be more imaginative.

Favorite podcast, Joe Rogan Experience.

Favorite philosopher, Jed McKenna.

Favorite type of climate, hot.

If you’d like to see some of my favorite pictures from across the world click here (give it several seconds to load). That’s all I have. My stories say more about me than this page can. If you’d like to follow me on social media, please don’t. I am inactive. The only exception, I regularly update my Goodreads page.


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