About Me

At twenty-seven years of age I’ve never had a 9 to 5 job. The closest I came was teaching English on the outskirts of Moscow. That caper entailed many winter nights with a bottle of vodka and a list of Russian verb conjugations. I stayed in Eastern Europe for a total of thirteen months and by the time I left I was fluent in Russian.

Recording YouTube videos in the Jungle

I’ve spent six months of my life in Thailand, it’s a beautiful country with good internet and even better food. Have you tried Thai green curry with chicken? It will change how you feel about spices. I especially love Thailand because it’s easy to rent a proper bike.

I enjoy motorcycles. I’ve driven them fast, driven them slow, and driven them into the ground. I broke my finger and lost half a pint of blood in Bali when the front tire on my dirt bike popped. Berlin, Hanoi, Kiev, New York and Miami, these are some of the cities that I particularly enjoy. Manila is also nice; Bangkok and New Delhi, not so much.

A View to the Taj

The Writing

I’ve been writing professionally since my dormmates started paying me to take care of their philosophy papers. I’ve written about dentistry, fashion, travel, finance, crypto, AI, business development, hiring practices, cell phones, music production, bedbugs, entrepreneurship, surfing, the hospitality industry, and so forth. Now most of what I write about is technology and cryptocurrency. I actually managed to snag the domain www.BitcoinWriting.com, that was a stroke of good luck.

When I’m not writing for other people I create my own stories. Three Years Abroad is a collection of ten short stories, all true. In the works are two novellas, works of fiction both. At some point I will write a real novel, I can’t say when. I’ve already tried twice and aborted both attempts. Third times a charm, one hopes.

Doing Work at the Thailand Office

The Lifestyle

I am at the moment living in Bali, surfing daily. If you’ve ever surfed you can understand why it’s the best sport in the world. Goddamn it’s tough! Goddamn it’s fun!

I like to keep track of where I’ve been, and if you’d like to be privy to that information you can check out this nifty little map. Twenty countries and counting.

Learning to Surf in Peru

What Can I Do for You?

If you’d like to ask me a question or pay me to write things for you, please click here. The contact form sends a message straight to my email. If you’d like to enjoy my presence visually, I have a YouTube channel that I sometimes upload things to.

So that’s just about all I can think of. I left loads out but if you’d like to know more about the travel stories you can pick up a copy of Three Years Abroad. Thanks for taking time to read all this, I hope you have a pleasant day. Read a book, get some exercise, do something difficult. We only have one life to live.

Sam Klemens