About Me

When I graduated from College the only thing I cared about was learning to speak Russian. So I took an ESL certification course and bought a one way ticket to Moscow. Later I moved to Kiev.

Hanging out with friends in Kiev

After thirteen months in eastern Europe I bought a ticket to Hanoi and spent half a year in South East Asia. I drank beer, drove motorcycles and spent time with my awesome Dutch girlfriend. I paid for all of it by working online. By the time I came back to America I had..

Riding bikes in rural Ukraine

All About Russia

If you’re interested in teaching English in Russia or learning the Russian language, I’ve written two eBooks. Try the Borsch is everything I wish I knew before I took a teaching position in Russia, and How to Learn Russian is an introductory guide to the language.

Past and Present Travel

This nifty little map shows all the places that I’ve already visited and this page has all the pictures. Some places like Berlin, Kiev and Miami are perpetual favorites. Apart from that, there are some places that I’d like to visit in the next couple of years. These include India, South Korea, Japan, Australia, South Africa, the Balkans, Egypt, all of the major European countries and South America.

Riding a Ninja 650 on Koh Samui

High speed biking in Thailand was bloody awesome