About Me

I like motorcycles and surfing. Travel is also cool, I’ve lived a couple of years abroad in twenty  or so countries. Mostly, I like to read and write.

Favorite book, Blood Meridian.

Favorite movie, Cool Hand Luke.

Favorite liquor, Jameson.

If you like the words I arrange that’s great! My goal is to make it good. 

Favorite podcast, Joe Rogan Experience.

Favorite philosopher, Jed McKenna.

Favorite type of climate, hot.

I am on YouTube with travel videos and other topics, definitely check out my channel. I’m not on social media and I keep in touch through email.

Possible future profession, whiskey priest.

Interesting fact, when I lived in Moscow I spoke fluent Russian.

Cities I’ve especially enjoyed, Hanoi, Berlin, New York, Miami, Kiev, Bogota, Dubai & Manila.


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