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A Beginner's Guide to Cryptocurrency

Hey gents, a few people have asked me about cryptocurrency lately. As it's something I've spent a couple of hundred hours studying I think I can offer some insights. I'm no Vitalik or Satoshi and I cannot read code but maybe that's a good thing, it means I'll keep things nice and simple. For this first article I'm going to lay the groundwork for understanding crypto. To that end I've chosen five words / ideas / whatevers that you will come across in the cryptosphere again and again. If you can wrap your head around these you'll have a much better…

How to Ride a Motorcycle in India

In India nobody uses the lanes, drivers look for empty space then occupy it. Turn signals are applied rarely or never. The right of way belongs to whoever claims it. At intersections without stop signs, all of them, drivers play chicken. The key to surviving this lawless driving system is the horn. It is applied to discourage other drivers from running into you. It doesn’t always work though and people bump into each other all the time. Forget about a few scratches, most of the cars in India have hundreds of dents gouges scrapes and nicks so that…

The Most Impressive Thing Ever

Red Square is a grenade, pushing away Moscow and leaving a crater. There's a casual disregard for prime real estate. The square is large and inviting, and it's easy to forget that you're downtown in a city of twelve million, a pistol shot away from six-lane highways and the most fascinating metro system ever built. The people, the rough stones, the buildings. The best way to experience it is to walk past the statue of Georgy Zhukov and through the stone arches. Welcome to Red Square! Several football fields in front of you is St. Basil's.…

About Me

I’m twenty-six, I’ve got an American passport and I like to travel. I’m not the loquacious type. I like books and booze. I did cold approach pickup for a while and talked to thousands of strangers. I’ve been in a motorcycle accident but never a car accident.

I designed this website, for the last two years I’ve worked for a startup and I speak Russian. Mostly I write, millions of words and counting. My stories are based on real events. If you want to know a bit more, click below.

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